DAW and VST Showdown {Wild West Music}

So after reading a lot of messages from fans over on ReverbNation, I decided to issue an imaginary showdown where FL Studio, Stagelight and Ableton Live bettled to the death and all fought for my honor while Sylenth, PoiZone, Sytrus and Nexus all did the same.

For the DAW, FL Studio won by a landslide.

Why? Because 1. I know how to use it more and 2. please see #1.

I'm kidding...let me explain.

Ableton Live felt like learning a different language. Like trying to do something you know fairly well but completely backwards. Some people might argue that Ableton is the king of the three but I just couldn't get into it. The effects felt unnecessarily complicated and out of place and there was little intuition in the UI.

But who knows? Maybe I'll revisit it in the future.

{probably not though}

Stagelight was a bit more intuitive mostly due to the tutorial showing you where everything is but it was underwhelming to me. It felt like a trial software even though it was the full version. Like a Lite app on the app store instead of the real deal. It felt like parts were missing from the basic package. That didn't deter me though as I was able to get some work done on a song. So far I myself am not impressed with it but I'll release it as FREE on my Soundcloud

For the VST, I have to admit it was a close call between all four and I guess the winner would have to depend on what type of music I was producing. For dubstep, Sytrus really is the best in my opinion while Sylenth is awesome with pads and other airy sounds. Ooh, and stabs...gotta have those sharp stabs.

Overall, Nexus won with a hearty Chuck Norris punch to the faces of the others as overall Lead Gen VST because of the intuitiveness I found with using it along with how many features were right in front rather than hidden in some back-end page.

Fans, if this is all in another language then just smile and nod and stay tuned for new music while producers, hit me up and tell me what you think of my choices.

Until next time humans.

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