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Kids Should Thrive


Kids Should Thrive is an American child advocacy and fundraising organization/clothing and apparel merchandise brand owned and operated by music artist and designer, HaXxXo VtotheZ.


Kids Should Thrive began as a community enforcement group on Facebook to defend against San Diego Unified School District's decision to close down Thrive Public Schools. After attending the SDUSD Board Meeting in April 2019 {1st Clip, 2nd CLip}, HaXxXo VtotheZ realized that their efforts to protect San Diego Charter Schools would be in vain without ample publicity and support from the community so he founded the organization to bring the board's actions to light. Thrive Public Schools was eventually closed despite the group's efforts so Kids Should Thrive now focuses on spreading awareness about the importance of individualized learning and the deeper connection that students can have with teachers that take a real interest in their educational development in an effort to prevent future schools from suffering the same fate as Thrive Public Schools.


Founded in 2019, Kids Should Thrive hosts various community fundraisers for charter and public schools alike and produces various merchandise and apparel to support children's educational development and representation through HV^Z Studios at


100% of all profits from Kids Should Thrive sales go towards funding representation at school board meetings, donations for children's school supplies/trip costs or other tools needed for school for those in need in addition to lobbying for changes to school board/the Department of Education's practices.

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