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HeXoS are a unique personal cryptocurrency created by HaXxXo VtotheZ and are distributed by HeXxXuS_Bot on livestreams on HaXxXo VtotheZs Twitch channel and rewarded for qualifying merch purchases here on the Official Website.




You can earn HeXoS on Twitch by:

- Watching the livestream

- Playing Mini-Games

- Being active in chat

- Generally being awesome {Helping, inviting friends, etc}

- Purchasing them in the Currency Exchange

You can earn HeXoS on The Official Website by:

- Making qualifying purchases on the Official Website Store

- Following HV^Z on social media through the Rewards Tab

- Sharing HV^Z content on social media through the Rewards Tab

- Just by being a member {you get free HeXoS on your Birthday but you must be a registered on the website and then access the rewards tab}


You can spend HeXoS on Twitch by:

- Visiting HaXxXo VtotheZ's Streamlabs Page and exchanging them for tons of stream rewards or perks like special privileges, free merch and lots more.



You can spend HeXoS on The Official Website by:


- Redeeming them for exclusive coupons to use for future purchases, raffle tickets and potentially more ways in the future.


To Check your stream HeXoS balance, click HERE


To check your Official Website HeXoS, log in to the official website and then click on the "Rewards" bubble on the bottom left of the screen

You can kickstart your HeXoS balance and buy Stream HeXoS to spend on Twitch HERE.

You can learn more about what you can spend your Stream HeXos HERE.

NOTE: You must be logged in to the respective platform to earn points on Twitch and the Official Website. Users are able to redeem Stream HeXoS for exclusive coupons to use on the Official Website but HeXoS earned on twitch exist as a separate balance than your Official Website balance that you earn from the Rewards tab below {Bottom Left}. While you are able to exchange Stream HeXoS for Official Website Store coupons and even convert stream HeXoS to Website HeXoS, they are each treated as a separate balance.


Disclaimer: Official Website HeXoS start to expire 6 months from their award and are subject to the rules governing the "Code Of Conduct" of the Official Website. Stream HeXoS never expire upon award but can be removed due to disciplinary actions for abusive behavior on Twitch. HeXos are represented as 1 USD = 1000 HeXoS and can be redeemed for special rewards or privileges only on HaXxXo VtotheZ's Twitch channel and not on any other channel across Twitch and for exclusive discounts on merch only here on the Official Website and not on any other platform that hosts HV^Z Studios products and merch.

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